Women’s History Month

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Celebrating Women’s History Month!


Unsinkable by Jenni L Walsh @jennilwalsh

The book “Unsinkable” intertwines the stories of two resilient women from World War 1 and World War 2, Violet Jessop and Daphne Chaundanson. Violet, known as Miss Unsinkable, overcomes multiple tragedies at sea, including surviving the Titanic sinking. Daphne, an agent in France during WWII, navigates the challenges of war and her own past. Inspired by true events, their tales of survival, family, and personal growth create a powerful connection that transforms their lives.

The American Queen by Vanessa Miller @authorvanessamiller

The novel The American Queen is a powerful tale based on true events from 1865 – 1889, revealing the untold story of a Black woman who created a kingdom as a sanctuary for those seeking a new life. It follows Louella’s journey from hate to hope as she and Reverend William lead formerly enslaved individuals to freedom. Together, they establish the Kingdom of the Happy Land, spreading a message of joy and fighting for dignity and liberty. Through themes of love, hate, hope, and resilience, the book portrays a transformative period in American history.

The Berlin Letters by Katherine Reay @katherinereay

An intriguing narrative set during the Cold War, following a CIA code breaker’s risky mission to liberate her father from an East German prison. As Luisa delves into her family’s secrets and embarks on a daring journey to reunite with her father in the backdrop of the Berlin Wall’s fall, the tale unfolds with themes of freedom, truth, and reconciliation.

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