There will be no sugarcoating, no matter how much I love my sweets.


Read It. Love It. Review It.

Welcome to NatReads!

My name is Natasha, founder and editor of NatReads. I’m a bookworm with a passion for brilliant books and crafting bookish items. Based in Texas, NatReads will provide you all things bookish – from book reviews and recommendations to bookish products you may enjoy with your books.

I started NatReads in order to be able to connect to the book community. I’m passionate about reading and encouraging other people to read and hope to use this space as a way to encourage you to find the book that makes YOUR heart sing too.

I enjoy reading books that gives me an adrenaline rush or overloads my emotion. I wanted to be able to express these feelings and share it with those who understands, therefore this blog was born.

Fusing both my love of books and crafting, NatReads is your one-stop shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the content on NatReads?

I do! NatReads is entirely written, designed, maintained, updated and coded by me. I don’t rely on any contributors or unpaid interns or anything like that, though my husband occassionally provides moral support ☺️

It’s also supported by subscribers and people who are kind enough to leave tips via Paypal.

Who is NatLoveNotes?

NatLoveNotes is my official shop name. I just integrated everything as on with NatReads and combined the two. So on your checkout/invoices and bank statements, products bought from here will have both information