How To Request ARCs from Publishers

Before I delve into the “how”, let’s get started with the “what”.

What is an ARC?

An ARC stands for Advance Reader’s (Reviewer’s) Copy. They are also known as a galley or a proof. These books are an uncorrected copy, sometimes even a manuscript, that are sent out to readers and reviewers for reviewing purposes. They are sent either in a physical or electronic format.

Publishers will send these early review copies to book readers/reviewers, librarians, book sellers, and even to other authors. ARCs are marketing materials to help boost or create awareness about the book and spread the word. Often times, publishers will also send the final copy of the book for review purposes.

Additional to physical early copies, publishers will sometimes send the electronic format for review purposes. The electronic format can be protected PDFs that can be transferred to a kindle. Websites like NetGalley or Edelweiss are just some that the publishers utilize for reviewers to use to request specific books.

How do I request an arc?

 E-mail! If you have a book title in mind, you can reach out to the publisher with your request. I have compiled a list of the publisher’s influencer programs here and a list of contacts for you here.

When requesting for ARCs, please take into consideration your interest and connection to the books and not requesting just for clout. Please do not take advantage of the opportunity this way and contact the publishers only if you genuinely have interest in the books.

Some of the publishers have links for you to complete out an application. Their requirements are also already listed out as well so their expectations are known to you.

Your social media presence.

 Social media is such an important tool for publishers and book marketers. It provides the opportunity for the books to get viral and be able to reach an incredible amount of people – especially the targeted audience.

Publishers value book bloggers and bookstagrammers. Compared to other type of influencers, bookstagrammers has a niche audience that are interested in what they post.

The following are tips for a successful bookstagram account:

Building up your audience

In order to receive ARCs, having a platform is important as it shows your connection to the books you’re requesting. Publishers gift books so that their influencers can help share the book with their audience.

Optimizing your instagram profile

Sometimes, publishers will reach out to bookstagrammers directly.

Some of the ways you can optimize your Instagram profile is to include your e-mail in your bio so that publishers know where they can reach you, as well as include you are a bookstagrammer.

Do I need a Netgalley account?

 A “galley” is the final version of the book that is intended for marketing purposes. NetGalley is where readers can request a book in an electronic format and the best way to start with obtaining ARCs.