Publisher Contacts

Smaller Indie Publishers Review Requests Information

What to include in the e-mail for specific titles?

  • Your name
  • The book title and author
  • Share why you are requesting this book
    • Your interest
    • Your connection
    • Fan of the author?
    • Favorite genre?
  • Share why you deserve to have a copy
    • Provide links to the platform you share your book reviews
    • Share your stats from your instagram and other social media platforms
      • Number of followers
      • Engagement rate
    • Share how you will support the publisher
  • Your mailing address
  • Your NetGalley e-mail, if you don’t mind an electronic copy of the book

Here is an example format from a Penguin Random House imprint, KDPG.

Try to make your e-mail stand out as publishers may receive many inquiries.