Her Hidden Genius

“There you have it. He is resentful that a woman is succeeding where he failed, and most likely, he will either continue to encroach on your territory or try to take credit for your work. Be careful.”

Marie Benedict, Her Hidden Genius

🎧 Her Hidden Genius
✍🏻 Marie Benedict
⭐️ 4/5

♡ Historical women in STEM

A few years ago, I read The Other Einstein and fell in love with the way Marie Benedict writes and provides stories about incredible women. Marie Benedict has a gift for being able to tell stories that brings wonderful women to life. I have since read most of her book and collected them.

Her Hidden Genius is a story about Rosalind Franklin and the work she had done involving DNA. It is a story about a woman who perseverates on all obstacles thrown at her and the compelling discoveries she made. Franklin was an amazing researcher with contributions to the scientific field that was dedicated to proving her theories involving the building blocks of living organisms by using crystallography. She was near releasing her discoveries with the 3D model of DNA when it was stolen by the men in her field – Watson and Crick.

Since this does involve the life of her passion, it does involve a great number of scientific terminologies. The relationships that Franklin had with her associates, the climatic effect of her discoveries, and the tension between the other researchers illustrated the many challenges she faced as a woman in a man’s world and did not receive the credit she deserved.

Though I preferred Benedict’s other novels, I am pleased to have been able to read this book as I discovered about Rosalind Franklin. I greatly admired her tenacity and recommend this book to anyone who are likes historical fiction with strong women and untold truths.

As for the narration, this book would have been incredibly hard for me to read due to the French words. Listening to Nicola Barber made it a wonderful experience.

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