Promoting and Marketing Your Books for Reviews

NatReads will review your books and help make it succeed. We will then implement a set of highly effective campaigns that help market and increase book sales, author preeminence and increase reader support.

I don’t accept compensation in exchange for positive reviews. I do host various forms of other literary content (giveaways, book tours, etc.) for books similar to those on NatReads. For those requests, please reach out. Nat Reads is part of affiliate programs such as the Amazon Associates and Barnes and Noble affiliate programs. I also read and review books from Netgalley.

I promote and market author’s books on numerous social media platforms, such as: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, GoodReads and more, with dedicated followers and readers. I am also a member of numerous reader groups and clubs within the social media network where I also promote books and its authors. With our dedicated followers and readers who enjoy all the different genres, no matter what book genre your book is, I am sure there will be plenty of supporters who would appreciate and be interested in your book.

Book reviews are important in the success of an author. I know how vital it is and the role book reviews play in the overall book marketing and sales success. Visit our book review policy to contact us in order for you to utilize our review in your website, book covers, Amazon editorial reviews, and all of your marketing avenues and other online marketing platforms.

EMAIL BLAST: NatReads will send out a customized email blast to our diverse email subscribers and avid readers which will feature and market your book with our review, as well as a link to directly purchase your book.

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While we have plenty of requests for reviews, please reach out to us immediately so we can discuss furthermore in how we can better assist you in reaching other readers for your book!

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