General Book Review Submissions and Guidelines:

NatReads accepts book review submissions of all genres from authors, publishers, publicists and illustrators. To be considered for my services for reviews of books and novels, it will be assessed and based on the following: literary worth and its value, book cover quality and the effectiveness of the book description. Book selections and approvals are only if I fully believe they will do well in today’s book market. My book reviews, promotions and advertisements will always be positive due to the selection of the books that I believe will have the best potential reading experience amongst readers.

I understand that excellent book reviews are vital to the success of an author. Therefore, please use my reviews for any and all of your marketing avenues, including but not limited to, Amazon editorial reviews, website, newsletters, book covers, and all of online marketing strategies and platforms.

NatReads writes strong, engaging, and compelling book reviews. The use of powerful words that create excitement, interest and desire to readers will bring out the best of your book. However, I will never publish an unjustly biased review.

Our built-in marketing technology can assist you in marketing your book and getting these into reader’s hands. It can also help increase author visibility and help sell more books where the authors will experience a high rate of success. But for that to happen, it needs an incredible review! You will need quality, professional book reviews in order to sell more books.

It is with an understanding that you have given your all and poured your heart and soul into your books. That is why I take my time and care to write compelling book reviews and publish it across the internet. Click here to contact us to learn more on how to get started.